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Lista Personal Space Lista Personal Space
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How do fellow professional get down to work with Lista-equipped workspaces? Check out our gallery of pro users for ideas and inspiration.

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Aircraft mechanic and his Lista toolboxSmall business owners need to invest in storage and workspace products that fit into the big business picture. Whether your profession puts you under the hood or under the lights of a photo studio, Lista Personal Space solutions can be customized to exactly suit your tasks.

Drawer storage cabinets: store nearly any sized items from mechanic's tools to bulky equipment to everyday supplies.

Mobile drawer storage cabinets: handily bring all tools, parts, and other supplies directly to the job.

Toolboxes: Lista offers the largest capacity, most durable boxes on the market, at a price that boxes out the competition. Check them out.

Lista workbench / desk: lets users combine workspace with ample, convenient storage, whether it's computer storage, files, or other job equipment.